claims to generate search engine friendly content without violating search engine guidelines. I've seen many ads for this tool on LinkedIn, so I decided to give it a try. Content Generation Features

As you can see in the screenshot below, I entered "AI SEO Content Generator" as the article title. One of the handy features of Byword is that it quickly suggests subheadings and asks you to pick 4 to 20 of them. AI seo copy generation website

After picking the subheading suggestions, the full article is generated by

You can select the language, word count, tone of voice and add custom prompts, such as requesting no financial information.

Interestingly, it also suggests an image to accompany the article. Custom Formats

Byword has some interesting custom formats that allow you to structure the generated content around specific keywords or title formats. You can also input a competitor's URL and Byword will build SEO copy that is highly relevant for competing with that page. These features allow for programmatic integration of keywords into the AI generated articles.

Having the ability to customize the content structure and seed it with topical keywords or competitor pages makes Byword's AI content more targeted for SEO.

My ideas about AI generated content and SEO relationship is just linked below;
Murat Esmer | Relationship Between Generative AI and SEO
The ongoing debate centers on AI-generated content’s role in search engine optimization. Google underscores the importance of human-oriented content. Artificially generated or manipulated content lacking authentic human essence tends to fall short of sustainable success.

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