Foudroyer had gained considerable acclaim on Product Hunt, prompting me to explore its capabilities firsthand. What stood out was its rapid indexing feature, enabling the submission of webpages with a single click. However, it does require a preliminary step – obtaining a JSON key from Google's API through the Google Cloud Console.

After thorough testing and meticulous documentation, I successfully implemented the process. Now, I'm eagerly anticipating the indexing of my pages, especially those that haven't been indexed yet.

To share my experience, I've also developed a product on Gumroad. If you're interested, you can find the product link below. Your support and feedback are highly appreciated.

Fast Indexing Guideline with Google API

This tutorial provides a concise guide to rapidly index web pages on Google.

Access to Documentation

While I don't personally utilize Bing or Yandex, it's worth noting that Foudroyer takes a comprehensive approach by centralizing data across these three search engines, in addition to Google. What's remarkable is that this valuable service comes at no cost, offering a unified solution for enhanced search engine visibility.

If you'd like to support the tool, consider upvoting it on Product Hunt. Click the link below to show your support.

Foudroyer - The next generation of SEO tools | Product Hunt

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