These times are truly fascinating, as we come across a plethora of new songs via platforms like Instagram and TikTok. While scrolling through, I stumbled upon a particular song that piqued my interest, leading me to wonder about its creator, Gibran Alcocer. It's remarkable to note that he boasts an impressive listenership of nearly 1.7 million on Spotify, all at the young age of 20. The speed at which he's gained recognition is truly astounding.

Who is Gibran Alcocer?

Gibran Alcocer, a 20-year-old artist from Mexico, began his musical journey by learning piano as a child. He later shifted to producing music and gained attention on TikTok and YouTube. In 2022, he started creating his own piano compositions, and his first original track "Idea 10" released in July 2022 gained significant recognition.

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Instantly Beloved Songs
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