Google will be the first language model product that uses personal data to provide answers to prompts that users have asked.

It will scan Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Documents to retrieve information stored on these platforms.

Certainly, this may raise concerns regarding user privacy. However, Google has given users the choice to opt in or opt out, allowing them to make their own decision. In my view, it is not productive to include personal data in a language model, although Google seems to have a tendency to experiment with user data.

Google Bard will also integrate with Maps, YouTube, and Google Flights. This means that users will be able to access information from these platforms, such as retrieving flight details, summarizing email content, or recalling past locations visited, if they have allowed Google to keep a record of their travel history.

In the future, Google may also expand this integration to include partner websites, allowing users to retrieve information from other websites as well.

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