A. Kostis, an artist hailing from Greece, has masterfully recorded the exquisite gem 'Kaike Ena Sholio,' a cherished piece from the treasury of ethnic music classics.

This discovery from Instagram stories has unveiled the timeless allure of 'Kaike Ena Sholio,' a song by A. Kostis – a Greek artist born in 1905 and sadly passing in 1943.

I've enlisted the aid of ChatGPT to translate the song lyrics, and here's the result:

One school burned down
Which was a girls' school

Galaxidi also burned down
Which was a beautiful ornament

The teacher also burned down
Who was as white as milk

It was burned by the judge
Who was serious in court

The prosecutor also burned down
Who was the trickster of the gang

For those interested in enjoying my curated collection of 'Instantly Beloved Songs,' feel free to explore the playlist through the link provided below: ⬇️

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