A Smarter you in 15 Minutes: Blinkist

Blinkist is the app that i am searching for years. Yes, i do not like to read whole book, i do not have time to read, understand, analyse whole picture. So, we, business men, are lacking time to learn new things. Blinkist is the perfect app to present you the summary of the valuable chosen books. It also supports audio and you are able to download audio to your device so you can listen to the book summaries everywhere. 

Blinkist is available on iPad, iPhone & Android. And you can browse and continue reading on your account on web. 

You have to pay for a yearly subscription and it was a bit expensive when i bought it. I do not know the current price. But, i am sure you will enjoy it and trust me, it is worth trying. 

You can also check my book summaries that i am using Blinkist for reviewing & summarizing them. 

And, just check out my posts about useful apps. 

You Will Like Radio Again: Radium

Radium is one of the greatest apps that i discovered at the last year. I have started to listen to radio for discovering music and the independent local & nearby music stations. I also enjoy listening to independent radio stations like kiyimuzik

Here is a snapshot from their website. 

Radium Radio App

To be truthful, i do not use its iOS app due to the high domination of Spotify, but i use Mac App and it is one of the most essential apps of the Mac OSX. You can find the song name at the menu bar just near the application icons. That is amazing! 

Radium Radio App

And, it has a little box that has a nice interface. It shows the artist name, song name and the album cover! 

You can also find the radio stations by category and the app suggest you the nearest radio's if you allow the app to use your location. 

Here is the shots from the iOS App.