The Biggest Travel Meta Search Players Analysis

I have checked the public data of TripAdvisor, Trivago, KAYAK & Hotelscombined at similar web, topsy and Google Trends and it seems Tripadvisor is still winning the game at first sight, due to its millions of unique & user generated content. Although Trivago invests in all kinds of online & offline advertising, TripAdvisor wins the run and its traffic seems 8x then Trivago has. 

Let's check past worldwide 3 month search volume of these keywords;

Red: Tripadvisor, Blue: Trivago, Yellow: Kayak (Company), Green: Hotelscombined

Red: Tripadvisor, Blue: Trivago, Yellow: Kayak (Company), Green: Hotelscombined

We understand that people tend to search their travel needs on Sunday. 

In terms of traffic, below embedded graph shows the traffic comparison of and has 8x larger volume but this is valid for US. I think Trivago is able to compete with TripAdvisor at Europe region. 

If you need to compare the local traffic, i suggest you to visit the similar web to get insight. We have to admit that Kayak is differentiating at flights, but i will analyse Kayak vs Skyscanner at a different blog post. I also have a few words about Hotelscombined, they are strong but could not see a global presence as i can check from the search volumes. 

Let's focus on Trivago & TripAdvisor. 

There are a lot to say about before below graphs.

  • Although they spent a lot on Advertising, their direct traffic seems 32% which is considerably low if they want to build a strong brand. This traffic is probably coming from ads on TV & online channels. 
  • Tripadvisor has 70.88% ratio of search volume and this traffic is probably coming from the hotel name search on Google. 17% percent traffic is direct which seem fair for a brand that does not use advertising as a growth strategy. 
  • I did not include the data, but as i see in similar web, Trivago has better time spent on page metrics comparing to Tripadvisor. This is strange, because TripAdvisor has content, but Trivago is continuously developing its product and has more OTA's so hotel rates. This may be a factor on that. 

Below graph is about the social media analytics. The graph shows the links shared to and domains. Both brands do not succeed well at sharable content but TripAdvisor is again winning on this. 

Blue: Tripadvisor, Orange: Trivago

To sum up, TripAdvisor is still most powerful against its competitors. The one which adapts mobile application world and give better prices to the end users will still win. 

In my opinion, Trivago has better product, TripAdvisor has better content. And content is still the king.