Pete Koomen

A/B Testing by Dan Siroker and Pete Koomen

Full name of the book is "A/B Testing: The Most Powerful Way to Turn Clicks into Customers" and i exactly suggest you to learn and apply your findings to the production environment. Don't underestimate anything, even a color or a simple text you do not enjoy can change the visitors behaviour on your product. But before, you have to know your goals. A/B Testing book summaries the concept behind these details.

Who should read this book;

  • Start-up owners
  • Anyone who relies on a website to generate revenue
  • People looking to explore data-driven approaches to business

Here is the quick catch up;

The key message in this book:

If you want to optimize your website and engage your visitors, try A/B testing. But in order to adopt this data-driven approach, you need a clear hypothesis and a definition of success. And ultimately, doing this will engage your users, your employees, and make your website more effective.

Actionable advice:

Use a testing platform.

If you don’t have your own A/B technology, using a testing platform like Optimizely will allow you to conduct tests simply and easily without hiring a whole department of data analysts.

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Contagious examines what makes a product, idea or behavior more likely to be shared among many people. The book explores the question of whether contagious things are accidents or the results of good marketing, or whether contagiousness is an inherent feature of a product, idea or behavior. It argues that, far from being merely a matter of luck, the majority of very popular products and ideas are the result of a combination of savvy planning and execution.