Mailbox, Probably The Best Mail App for iOS

We have to use mail, lets face this reality. Although a lot of mail integrated apps and websites appear, mail is the still the most popular method for communication. Luckily, lots of new mail apps which are supporting iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo & Outlook are appearing. So you are free to choose the best one that suits your needs. Sincerely mailbox is the best app to manage your mails with one single main reason: It syncs all the actions across all the devices including desktop and mobile. The other features that i like;

  1. Scheduling the mails is deadly simple with a simple interface.
  2. Creating lists inside the apps is very easy and effective. 
  3. It has a Mac OS X app that syncs with the iOS app which boosts productivity and remembering the getting things done. 
  4. Swipe gestures are easy and nicely done both on mobile and desktop apps.
  5. It is super fast. I did not encounter performance issues up to now although the Mac OS X app is on beta. It only crashed a few times. 
  6. Signing with dropbox is an asset. So you do not have enter the information again and again. 
  7. Search is super fast. You instantly find the mail you want. 
  8. Simplicity, User Interface & Usability is simply the best. 
Mailbox App