Simple & Minimal Note Taking App - Letterspace

My new favorite note taking app is Letterspace. It is super deadly simple and has a very very simple, good looking noting interface. If you love to take notes on iPhone, iPad & Mac and want them be synced via iCloud, Letterspace will do its work perfectly. 

# Key Features:

- Beautiful markdown syntax highlighting.
- Notes with #hashtag and @mention are grouped together in Sidebar.
- Press ⌘⇧O to open note using keyword search.
- iCloud keep your notes up to date across all your devices.
- 4 Purchasable colour themes: Cobalt Blue, Matcha Green, Charcoal, and Dark Side.

# To-do Lists:

Start a new line with dash a pair of squared bracket. You can tap on them like a checkbox to toggle between complete and incomplete state.

- [ ] This is an incomplete item
- [x] List syntax is required (Either unordered or ordered list)
- [x] This is a complete item

Simple and Minimal Note Taking App Letterspace