Zero to One by Peter Thiel with Blake Masters

My question about about doing/building/developing/ a business or a task is this;


If you have answers for these questions, you are 0.9 to 1. And the rest is being told at this book Zero to One which tells the importance of focusing niche insteading of being everywhere.

So, here is a quick brief and summary of the Zero to One which is written by the Peter Thiel with Blake Masters. 

A startup’s success is not a matter of luck. You can pursue the future you want as long as you’re able to challenge established conventions. Then, once you obtain a monopoly by being better at something than everyone else, success will follow on its own.

Actionable advice:

Dominate one niche at a time.

When you’ve found the unusual idea to base your startup on, don’t go too broad too quickly. Find a small niche where you can do something better than any of your competitors. Once you’ve established a monopoly there, you can expand to other markets later.