Feature Suggestions

What can be the next 5 features for Slack?

  • Adding reactions like commeting, vote, dislike etc. to the messages.
  • Ability to create public rooms for user who are not Slack users.
  • Recording, saving audio and video’s for meetings.
  • Ability to reach & add all slack Users like Trello does.
  • Ability to add additonal labels to the groups and displaying these tags at the left navigation menu.

What can be the next 5 features for Spotify?

  • Playlists can be the place for user interactions. So the listeners can comment, like, share these playlists more easily. Spotify can boost the most popular ones at the landing page.
  • Playlist images can be customised, so users truely own this playlists. (Rdio does this.)
  • Stats must be real time. So the users can see who and what they listened to yesterday, last week, last year etc. easily.
  • Artists can create profiles, groups, pages etc. to meet with their fan base and make announcements.
  • There can be an option like that, Play ethnic songs from Malaysia. Country and genre can be changeable. (This is a personal request)