Book Summary

A/B Testing by Dan Siroker and Pete Koomen

Full name of the book is "A/B Testing: The Most Powerful Way to Turn Clicks into Customers" and i exactly suggest you to learn and apply your findings to the production environment. Don't underestimate anything, even a color or a simple text you do not enjoy can change the visitors behaviour on your product. But before, you have to know your goals. A/B Testing book summaries the concept behind these details.

Who should read this book;

  • Start-up owners
  • Anyone who relies on a website to generate revenue
  • People looking to explore data-driven approaches to business

Here is the quick catch up;

The key message in this book:

If you want to optimize your website and engage your visitors, try A/B testing. But in order to adopt this data-driven approach, you need a clear hypothesis and a definition of success. And ultimately, doing this will engage your users, your employees, and make your website more effective.

Actionable advice:

Use a testing platform.

If you don’t have your own A/B technology, using a testing platform like Optimizely will allow you to conduct tests simply and easily without hiring a whole department of data analysts.

Suggested further reading: Contagious by Jonah Berger

Contagious examines what makes a product, idea or behavior more likely to be shared among many people. The book explores the question of whether contagious things are accidents or the results of good marketing, or whether contagiousness is an inherent feature of a product, idea or behavior. It argues that, far from being merely a matter of luck, the majority of very popular products and ideas are the result of a combination of savvy planning and execution.

A Smarter you in 15 Minutes: Blinkist

Blinkist is the app that i am searching for years. Yes, i do not like to read whole book, i do not have time to read, understand, analyse whole picture. So, we, business men, are lacking time to learn new things. Blinkist is the perfect app to present you the summary of the valuable chosen books. It also supports audio and you are able to download audio to your device so you can listen to the book summaries everywhere. 

Blinkist is available on iPad, iPhone & Android. And you can browse and continue reading on your account on web. 

You have to pay for a yearly subscription and it was a bit expensive when i bought it. I do not know the current price. But, i am sure you will enjoy it and trust me, it is worth trying. 

You can also check my book summaries that i am using Blinkist for reviewing & summarizing them. 

And, just check out my posts about useful apps. 

Zero to One by Peter Thiel with Blake Masters

My question about about doing/building/developing/ a business or a task is this;


If you have answers for these questions, you are 0.9 to 1. And the rest is being told at this book Zero to One which tells the importance of focusing niche insteading of being everywhere.

So, here is a quick brief and summary of the Zero to One which is written by the Peter Thiel with Blake Masters. 

A startup’s success is not a matter of luck. You can pursue the future you want as long as you’re able to challenge established conventions. Then, once you obtain a monopoly by being better at something than everyone else, success will follow on its own.

Actionable advice:

Dominate one niche at a time.

When you’ve found the unusual idea to base your startup on, don’t go too broad too quickly. Find a small niche where you can do something better than any of your competitors. Once you’ve established a monopoly there, you can expand to other markets later. 

How to Stop Worrying and Start Acting by Dale Carnegie

“Business men who do not know how to fight worry die young.” —Dr. Alexis Carrel

This quote is a just simple fact. In order to achieve and succeed, you have to be calm, rational, result-oriented and data-driven. If you speak with the correct data, nothing can be said on it and the decision making process will be easily handled. You took the wrong decision? Then, change it, you have nothing to lose. 

The main message in this How to Stop Worrying and Start Acting book is below:

Worrying can be detrimental to your physical and mental health, and therefore you should find ways to deal with your worries. A simple method is to get the facts about what you’re worrying about, choose on a course of action and never look back. To avoid worrying about the actions of others, don’t expect gratitude for your kindness, don’t hold grudges, and understand that other people may criticize you because they are envious of your success.

Actionable ideas from this book in blinks:

Put in a stop-loss order on your worry.

The next time you experience an unpleasant event, like having a row with a friend, use the stop-loss strategy: allow yourself to mull the event over for a certain period of time, like a few hours, but then, if you’re still unable to solve it, simply walk away from it. It is not worth dwelling for longer than that.

Accept and improve on the worst-case scenario.

When you find yourself worrying about something, instead of avoiding thinking about the worst-case scenario, define it. Think about what the true absolute worst-case scenario really is. Probably, it is not catastrophic. Still, accept the scenario and start working towards improving on it.

Relax before you get tired.

The next time you are working on something, make it a point to take rest and relaxation breaks before you feel tired. It will greatly increase your productivity, and decrease your worries.

The End of Stress by Don Joseph Goewey

Ambition & Stress are two different things. Don't let your stress capture your brain & creativity. Be determined to the result, success and discover your tenacity, and find your dream job to be simply happy. 

I suggest you to read “The End of Stress” by Don Joseph Goewey, which is an important resource to learn more about stress and how it's damaging your mental health.

Here is a quick catch up about the book;

Stress inflicts major harm on your health, intelligence and performance. Luckily, you can overcome the negative influence of stress by incorporating certain exercises into your life and adopting the right mind-set.

Actionable advice:

Hawaiianize your mind when faced with stressful situations

Think back on a memory that brings you contentment and peace: maybe your honeymoon or the smell of grandma’s freshly baked cookies. Feel how the memory calms you, and relish the experience. Now that you feel calm, you’re better equipped to fully utilize your brain’s higher functions and increase your performance.