Review: Revolut, Digital Wallet App for iOS & Android

When i arrived to UK, the biggest question about money was, how can i spend money without losing money to fx, currency conversion rates etc. 

Well, up to now, the perfect solution is revolut. 

No fees, no fx fees, no transaction fees. It is really amazing. And you have a wallet and pre-paid card instantly. I absolutely suggest this app to anybody traveling a lot. 

Checkmark Location Based To Do App

Checkmark is another simple task management app which is focused on what, when and additionally where.

Checkmark Features;

  • You can add geo-location specific task and circle the area with a beautiful UI

  • Not a unique feature but ou can add recurring tasks easily.

  • Location groups can be created to add dates & tasks to specific areas.

  • Rescheduling can be done easily with a one tap. 

  • All the data is being synced on iCloud as an option.

Mailbox, Probably The Best Mail App for iOS

We have to use mail, lets face this reality. Although a lot of mail integrated apps and websites appear, mail is the still the most popular method for communication. Luckily, lots of new mail apps which are supporting iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo & Outlook are appearing. So you are free to choose the best one that suits your needs. Sincerely mailbox is the best app to manage your mails with one single main reason: It syncs all the actions across all the devices including desktop and mobile. The other features that i like;

  1. Scheduling the mails is deadly simple with a simple interface.
  2. Creating lists inside the apps is very easy and effective. 
  3. It has a Mac OS X app that syncs with the iOS app which boosts productivity and remembering the getting things done. 
  4. Swipe gestures are easy and nicely done both on mobile and desktop apps.
  5. It is super fast. I did not encounter performance issues up to now although the Mac OS X app is on beta. It only crashed a few times. 
  6. Signing with dropbox is an asset. So you do not have enter the information again and again. 
  7. Search is super fast. You instantly find the mail you want. 
  8. Simplicity, User Interface & Usability is simply the best. 
Mailbox App

Simple & Minimal Note Taking App - Letterspace

My new favorite note taking app is Letterspace. It is super deadly simple and has a very very simple, good looking noting interface. If you love to take notes on iPhone, iPad & Mac and want them be synced via iCloud, Letterspace will do its work perfectly. 

# Key Features:

- Beautiful markdown syntax highlighting.
- Notes with #hashtag and @mention are grouped together in Sidebar.
- Press ⌘⇧O to open note using keyword search.
- iCloud keep your notes up to date across all your devices.
- 4 Purchasable colour themes: Cobalt Blue, Matcha Green, Charcoal, and Dark Side.

# To-do Lists:

Start a new line with dash a pair of squared bracket. You can tap on them like a checkbox to toggle between complete and incomplete state.

- [ ] This is an incomplete item
- [x] List syntax is required (Either unordered or ordered list)
- [x] This is a complete item

Simple and Minimal Note Taking App Letterspace

A Smarter you in 15 Minutes: Blinkist

Blinkist is the app that i am searching for years. Yes, i do not like to read whole book, i do not have time to read, understand, analyse whole picture. So, we, business men, are lacking time to learn new things. Blinkist is the perfect app to present you the summary of the valuable chosen books. It also supports audio and you are able to download audio to your device so you can listen to the book summaries everywhere. 

Blinkist is available on iPad, iPhone & Android. And you can browse and continue reading on your account on web. 

You have to pay for a yearly subscription and it was a bit expensive when i bought it. I do not know the current price. But, i am sure you will enjoy it and trust me, it is worth trying. 

You can also check my book summaries that i am using Blinkist for reviewing & summarizing them. 

And, just check out my posts about useful apps. 

Global & Local News App: Bundle

I am proud to introduce Bundle News app because i was in the team that built the app. The app is still being developed rapidly and it is becoming more advanced & flawless. 

What makes Bundle especially unique is;

  • You can select the country you want and the app automatically knows your location and brings local latest news. 
  • There is a time filter. So last 15 minutes news are on the way to follow the latest news. 

So, the app has made great move for localisation comparing to its competitors like Flipboard, Pulse. They only serve you the categories and the most popular content but Bundle has the potential to get popular in the growing markets like Turkey. 

You Will Like Radio Again: Radium

Radium is one of the greatest apps that i discovered at the last year. I have started to listen to radio for discovering music and the independent local & nearby music stations. I also enjoy listening to independent radio stations like kiyimuzik

Here is a snapshot from their website. 

Radium Radio App

To be truthful, i do not use its iOS app due to the high domination of Spotify, but i use Mac App and it is one of the most essential apps of the Mac OSX. You can find the song name at the menu bar just near the application icons. That is amazing! 

Radium Radio App

And, it has a little box that has a nice interface. It shows the artist name, song name and the album cover! 

You can also find the radio stations by category and the app suggest you the nearest radio's if you allow the app to use your location. 

Here is the shots from the iOS App., A Drop Box for your Dropbox

This is a great application for dropbox that allows your network, family, friends, colleagues, freelancers to drop files on a specific website. After the file is dropped you can find it on your dropbox. Very simple but very effective to organise the things must be done., a dropbox for your dropbox